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Let’s talk about what makes a Gemini in Sun so enthusiastic, adaptable, and a friend to all!

Gemini Sun Fast Facts

Your baby is a Gemini Sun if they were born between May 21st and June 21st.

  • The Gemini sign is represented by the twins.
    • Twins are an applicable sign for the Gemini, who can appear at times to have two dueling personalities. They also represent compatibility and communication.
  • Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and they are an Air sign.
    • The mythology surrounding Mercury is all about communication, which is super fitting for the chatty Gemini. They’re genuinely curious about everyone they meet and can always find something to talk about.
  • Gemini is a mutable sign.
    • There are three modalities of the Zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each modality is home to one of each type of elemental sign. Gemini is the Air sign in the mutable state.
    • Gemini’s position in the calendar marks the end of spring, and that transition reflects their flexible nature. They’re excellent at compromise and have an easy breezy attitude when it comes to connecting with others.

    Your Gemini Baby’s Personality

    Get ready to roll with your Gemini baby, because he won’t miss a beat! He’s always on the lookout for a new friend, a new adventure, or a new skill to learn. Geminis are on a mission to express themselves, so they’ll seek out new creative or social outlets all the time.

    In your Gemini child, you’ll find a little confidant, eager to listen to you talk about any topic, from your workday to your favorite TV show. Just be warned, anything you say might be repeated! Little kids have a way of telling their preschool teacher embarrassing stories of home (“Mommy sneezed juice out of her nose at dinner!”) and Geminis love an audience, so every story becomes a spectacle.

    The Gemini Child

    Life is interesting with a Gemini child, because they find so much about the world worth exploring. Gemini is the toddler who will climb into your lap and insist you read them the paper, because they want to know what you know. They’re the 8-year-old who won’t go to bed when you have friends over because they have major FOMO over your ‘grown-ups only’ time.

    The best way to handle a Gemini child that wants to feel included is to include them in some way, no matter how small. Pass over the newspaper with some markers and ask them to help you “take notes” on the stories – after you’ve read it, of course. And before you send Gemini out of the room, allow them to throw in their 2 cents on the conversation, no matter how intellectual it might seem. Even a 3rd grader might have an opinion on ocean-safe plastics, after all!

    From the moment your Gemini baby opens their eyes, they’ll be looking towards the future with joie de vivre that can’t be matched. As the mama to a Gemini, you might find yourself with a renewed sense of wonder, too!

    Gemini: The Chatterbox Sign

    Your playdate calendar is about to be booked, mama. Geminis have the gift of gab, and that leads to lots of pals! Your fearless Gemini can approach the new kid, the shy student, and the class clown with the same confident smile and walk away with a friend.

    The bubbly Gemini is adept at finding the right thing to say, and this will carry them far in life. From the first day they walk into kindergarten to their college interviews, watch your air sign shine as they take charge of a conversation.

    It's important to note that part of the reason Geminis is so fun to talk to is because they’re also great listeners. That goes beyond the conversations they’re a part of, too: your Gemini is constantly observing and, occasionally, eavesdropping. How else are they going to gather the juiciest bits of gossip to share?

    As the mother of a spirited Gemini, you’ll want to make sure they understand boundaries early on, especially when it comes to private or personal information and stories. Pro tip: get your Gemini in an acting class. These born story tellers really blossom on stage!

    How to Guide Your Gemini Child

    As much as they love to talk, it can feel difficult to get your Gemini child to open up emotionally. She’s so skilled at driving the conversation, she easily steers it away from any deeper issues or worries she doesn’t feel like sharing. This can lead to more shallow friendships or even resentment, if she can’t open up about what’s bothering her.

    Encourage your Gemini to build trusting and loyal relationships by modeling them in your own life. For example, if your kiddo knows Auntie Sarah is your best friend, try not to vent to Grandma about Sarah’s antics when your observant Gemini is watching. Show her that talking to Auntie Sarah about what’s on your mind only makes your relationship stronger.

    Finally, offer positive reinforcement when your Gemini expresses their emotions in a healthy manner. Lucky for you, Geminis have a knack for lots of creative outlets. Whether you’re dancing it out with your imaginative Gemini or drawing your feelings big and small, their enthusiasm is contagious.

    Are you a Gemini, Mom?

    Hello to the social chair of the PTA! You’re one exciting mama to have around, and that sentiment comes from your fellow parents and kids, too.

    You’re constantly learning as a mother, and for a Gemini, this brings a welcome refresh to everyday life. A Gemini mom is up for a challenge, whether it be figuring out a birthday snack for a no-nut/no-gluten/no-dairy classroom or signing up for a different kind of Mommy & Me class every month. Your mind is constantly buzzing with big opinions and stories to share, and you adore the social aspects of being a mom.

    Many of your strengths as a mother might also hold you back at times, though. Your flexible nature can come across as lacking in discipline for a wild child, or perhaps you find yourself short on patience when your ideas are so fast paced. As a Gemini, you’re well-equipped to acknowledge your struggles and adapt, thanks to your creative nature.

    Gemini mamas, your reputation precedes you and your kids are lucky to have a mom as bright and imaginative as you. Feed that youthful spirit with plenty of fun family traditions and time for your own creative pursuits, too!

    Baby Zodiac Series

    There are 12 signs that make up the Zodiac calendar. Your child will have a full, unique birth chart based on the date, time of day, and location of their birth, but we’re focusing on the sun signs, which is the sign most people associate with the Zodiac.

    Sun signs are representative of how you view yourself in relation to the world. They define your individual liveliness and are also associated with your creative and social energies. In comparison, the other two signs in your ‘Big 3’ are your rising and moon signs. Rising signs reveal how others might perceive your actions and persona, among other things. And moon signs relate to your emotions and how you self-reflect.