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Q&A with Nathalie Rhone, Nutritionist

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Nathalie Rhone


Meet Nathalie Rhone, MD, RDN, CDN, a Connecticut-based nutritionist and mama to a sweet toddler boy named Stevie, with another little one on the way. Her private practice, Nutrition by Nathalie, helps empower her clients through clean eating and healthier lifestyle choices. She also leans into her degree in psychology by taking an integrative approach to overall health and wellness. Check out Nathalie on Instagram at @allgoodeats for family-friendly recipes and ideas that follow her philosophy on clean-eating, with mostly plant-based and organic, whole foods recipes that are big on flavor.

What are the top healthy pantry and refrigerator essentials during pregnancy?

I love stocking my pantry with simple and nutritious snacks that I can grab whenever I’m on the go! My favorites include mixed nuts, homemade granola, and seedy crackers that I’ll top with avocado, nut butter or vegan cream cheese. My fridge is always packed with goodies! Some of the things you’ll always find… green juice, my homemade almond cashew milk, a variety of fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, lots of greens and veggies for salads and roasting, avocado, and easy proteins like eggs, chickpeas, goat cheese, veggie burgers and salmon.

What were your cravings and how did you satiate them healthfully?

Cravings and even more so, aversions, are very real and affect everyone differently… my best advice is to listen to your body and give it what it wants. Especially during the first trimester when you’re in survival mode! First trimester I pretty much could only eat carbs. I couldn’t even look at cooked vegetables or hot proteins. I lived off of waffles with peanut butter and banana, egg breakfast sandwiches and pasta. I try to satisfy my cravings in the most mindful way possible. For example, if I’m wanting something sweet I’ll include some fruit in a snack, or when eating pasta I’ll mix in a ton of veggies. Instead of plain toast, I’ll add avocado or nut butter for extra nutrition. Fueling my body with whatever keeps it going and happy is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned throughout my own pregnancy journeys.

What maternity pieces have you been wearing in heavy rotation?

Loose-fitting dresses, stretchy jeans and biker shorts with oversized tees for the win! The Pietro Brunelli Chloe Ruffle Sleeve Dress and the Smocked Bodice Sleeveless Midi Dress are two of my favs.

What is in your hospital bag?

Some non-negotiables for myself are nursing bras, comfy PJs that button down the front for breastfeeding (dark color recommended), cozy sweaters and loose joggers to make me feel human, my toiletries and supplements, flip flops for showering, an eye mask, my own blanket, pillow and water bottle. For the MVP of the room, I’ll have an outfit to go home in, a receiving blanket, bottle and formula of choice just in case. I’ll be bringing much less to the hospital for baby #2!

What food(s) has been your morning sickness savior?

Waffles or toast with peanut butter, berries or banana, gluten free bagels with cream cheese + sliced avocado and tomato or cream cheese + jam, homemade baked goods like banana bread and chocolate chunk carrot muffins.

What maternity clothes do you plan on keeping in your wardrobe during the 4th trimester and beyond?

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters! Especially as we go into Fall. Also all my loose fitting dresses, nursing/pumping bras and comfy pjs!

What summer produce are you most looking forward to eating and what is your favorite recipe using that produce?

I’ve been obsessed with cucumbers recently! I love how hydrating they are, which is critical for vibrant, glowing skin. I toss them into my salads, juices, or slice them up to munch on with hummus. My favorite summer recipe involving cucumbers has to be my sunshine smoothie! I also cannot wait for all the amazing summer fresh fruit. I eat tons of fruit every morning - by itself, with coconut yogurt and granola or in smoothies.

What supplements have you relied on during pregnancy?

As I tell my clients, I try to get as many nutrients through real food as possible and only supplement when needed. However, during pregnancy specifically you want to make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to keep you and baby healthy and happy. I take a high-quality prenatal supplement (including 400mg of folic acid in the form 5-MTHF), DHA, vitamin C, magnesium and a probiotic.