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Q&A with Kim Perry, Fitness Coach

Our Expert:

Kim Perry


After becoming a mom herself, Kim Perry made a career pivot from fulltime teacher to a pre and post-natal fitness coach. Kim realized her calling of helping other new moms feel strong and in control of their bodies during this stressful and exciting time in their lives. Now a mom of three young kids, Kim has built a community of mamas searching for quick and super effective workouts they can do at home in between naptimes, school runs and Zoom calls. Read on for her easy tips on creating a workout routine for yourself.

What are the names and ages of your kids?

Ayla, 6; Rosie, 3; Blake, 2

How did you become a fit pregnancy coach?

I became certified and started filming my workouts when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Rosie. I started to build a community of moms on Instagram while sharing quick and effective workouts moms can do at home.

At what point does a mom typically come to you for help with her fitness goals?

You can start in fitness at any point in your pre pregnancy, pregnancy or postpartum journey! I have moms in my community in all stages of motherhood.

Why is exercise so important during pregnancy and after giving birth?

Exercise helps your body become and stay strong which is so important for core strength, back pain, labor (the toughest workout!) and recovery after delivery. It helps these processes go more smoothly.

What are your favorite exercises during / after pregnancy to do at home?

During pregnancy - I love full body moves like squat + press or lunge + curl with light/medium weights! Postpartum - breath work is underrated and is SO valuable for core recovery!

What exercise equipment do you recommend for moms to have at home to help with workouts?

You don't need any! But if you can pick a few things, a light set and medium set of dumbbells + booty bands are great!

What does your fit pregnancy workout entail?

My Fit Pregnancy Program includes 42 weeks of workouts specific to each trimester. The purpose of it is to stay strong through pregnancy and help you have a quicker, smoother delivery. Nutrition guidance and a variety of workouts including sculpt, core, cardio and strength are included as well!

What fitness modifications to moms need to be most careful to follow?

As your bump grows, you'll want to make modifications that don't over engage or strain your midsection. I have a full guide of modifications in my Pregnancy Starter Kit (free download!)

What are the best tips you can offer new moms about staying in their best shape?

It only takes 10-20 minutes per day! Don't overthink it or put too much pressure on yourself. You can create a simple schedule that works for you that includes quick and effective workouts at home.

How can new moms find the time to devote to exercise? Any secrets?

Give yourself grace in tough and busy seasons - but make yourself a priority in the way that works best for your family. Whether that is in the morning, during naptime or after the kids are in bed. Devote 10-20 minutes a few times per week and you'll be so proud of your results!