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The Best Nursing Swimsuits for Poolside Comfort

The Best Nursing Swimsuits for Poolside Comfort

It's time to soak up some sun and enjoy a splash, but as a nursing mother, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a bit tricky. Don't worry; we at Motherhood are all about making your life easier (and more stylish!).

We've curated a collection of nursing swimsuits designed with both comfort and convenience in mind. This guide is here to help you understand the essentials of nursing swimwear and highlight some stellar options from our collection.

What Are Nursing Swimsuits?

So, what exactly sets a nursing swimsuit apart from your regular bikini or one-piece? The primary difference is the thoughtfulness that goes into the design, considering the specific needs of nursing moms like you. These swimsuits are all about easy access for breastfeeding and usually feature panels or straps that can be easily moved or unhooked.

In addition, nursing swimsuits often have a supportive bust area designed to accommodate the changes in your breasts during nursing. And we don't just stop there; adjustable straps are a common feature too.

Why? Because we understand that your body is still adjusting post-pregnancy, and we want your swimsuit to adjust right along with you.

What Are the Advantages of Nursing Swimsuits?

Nursing swimsuits can be a game changer, especially for moms who enjoy spending time by the water. Let's start with convenience — nothing can be quite as frustrating as trying to wriggle out of a regular swimsuit for a feeding session. With nursing swimwear, you can nurse your baby comfortably without having to leave the poolside.

Secondly, nursing swimsuits are designed with extra support in the bust area. As your breasts change during nursing, the additional support can be a real comfort, ensuring that you feel secure and confident.

Last but not least, these swimsuits are made to prioritize your comfort without compromising on style. Many designs incorporate the latest swimwear trends, so you can look and feel fabulous. After all, being a mom doesn’t mean letting go of your unique sense of style!

Essential Features of a Nursing Swimsuit

Now that you’re up to speed with the wonders of a nursing swimsuit, let’s go over the essential features to look for:

Nursing Access

Nursing access is arguably the most crucial feature of a nursing swimsuit. Look for designs with flaps, zippers, or removable straps that can be easily undone when it's feeding time. Our nursing swimwear collection features thoughtful designs with easy, one-handed nursing access for those poolside feeding sessions.

Bust Support

During nursing, your breasts may be heavier than usual. This calls for swimsuits with excellent bust support. Features to look for include wide straps, built-in bras, or an under-bust elastic band. For example, our Ruffled Nursing One-Piece Swimsuit offers fantastic support with its adjustable shoulder straps and ruched sides.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustability is another key feature in nursing swimsuits. Adjustable straps not only help provide better bust support but they can also be loosened for easier nursing access. Our Halter Neck Maternity Tankini Swimsuit is a great example, with adjustable ties at the neck and back for a perfect fit.

Comfortable Fabric

Lastly, the fabric of the swimsuit is also important. Opt for materials that are soft, stretchy, and quick-drying for maximum comfort. All our swimsuits are made with a high-quality blend of nylon and spandex, ensuring they're comfortable, durable, and dry quickly post-swim.

How To Choose the Right Nursing Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Every mom's body is unique and beautiful. Embracing your shape and understanding what swimsuit styles flatter your body type can boost your confidence and ensure you look and feel great.

If you have an apple-shaped body, consider a tankini with a flowing top to accentuate your curves. For pear-shaped bodies, a swimsuit with a halter top can help balance your figure.

Those with an hourglass figure might prefer a one-piece suit with ruching at the sides to highlight their curves, while moms with athletic builds could opt for swimsuits with ruffles or patterns to create a more curvaceous silhouette.

Remember, these are just suggestions. You know your body best, and the key is to choose a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable and confident.

Top Nursing Swimsuits From Motherhood Maternity

At Motherhood, we cater to every style preference and body shape, offering a broad range of nursing swimsuits to meet your needs. Here are some of our customer favorites that blend style, functionality, and comfort:

High Waist Maternity Bikini

Long, hot days call for cute bikinis like our High Waist Maternity Bikini. This two-piece maternity swimsuit lets you show off your bump confidently from the 1st trimester to the 4th. It's perfect for lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or soaking up some sun. Plus, the UPF 50+ fabric keeps your skin protected from harmful rays.

Maternity Wrap One Piece Swimsuit

If one-piece suits are more your style, you'll adore the Maternity Wrap One Piece Swimsuit. This suit flatters any trimester and provides UPF 50+ protection for worry-free beach or pool days. Pair it with any of our fashionable cover-ups to complete the look.

Scallop Trim Maternity Swim Top

For a mix-and-match approach, consider our Scallop Trim Maternity Swim Top. The lace-back detail adds a dash of style while offering additional support. Plus, the UPF 50+ fabric lets you sunbathe or take a dip without worrying about sun damage. Pair it with any Motherhood Swim Bottom for a stylish pregnancy look.

Plus Size 2-Piece Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

Our Plus Size Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit is an excellent option for plus-size moms-to-be. The flattering ruched design and adorable print make this two-piece suit a summer staple. Enjoy the sun's warmth with the added benefit of UPF 50+ protection, ensuring a safe and comfortable day by the pool or beach.

Mama Prima Post Pregnancy Compression Clipdown Nursing Swimsuit

For post-pregnancy, we recommend the Mama Prima Post-Pregnancy Compression Clipdown Nursing Swimsuit. This functional and fashionable suit makes nursing a breeze with its clip-down top.

Plus, gentle compression around the belly offers support, while the sweetheart neckline and criss-cross straps keep you looking chic. The UPF 50+ fabric protection is just the icing on the cake for this made-for-mama suit!

The Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect nursing swimsuit might seem daunting, but understanding what to look for can make the process smoother. Remember, the best swimsuit is one that offers convenient nursing access, good support, and adjustability and is made of comfortable fabric.

At Motherhood, we've got you covered with stylish, functional nursing swimsuits that tick all these boxes, ensuring your comfort and confidence while nursing poolside.

Happy swimming, mamas!


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