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Juliette Collazo: Mother of 2 | Founder/CEO of Artist Makeup Academy

Step into the world of multi-tasking mastery with Juliette Collazo, the visionary CEO and founder of Artist Makeup Academy, and a dedicated mother of two. Juliette shares her experience of balancing the demands of motherhood with the challenges of building and managing a successful business. Join us as she shares her hard-earned insights and practical strategies for achieving balance and harmony in both spheres of life. Prepare to be inspired as Juliette reveals the secrets behind her seamless ability to manage it all with grace and determination.

1. Names and ages of children? 

Carter (6), Camila (5)


2. As a mother of two, how do you manage to balance the demands of running the top makeup school in the tri-state area with the demands of being a mother?

Once my two worlds collided, I had to learn the true gift of discipline, routine, and consistency, which took me years. Honestly, growing up I didn’t have any of the above. My husband's strengths happen to be all of my weaknesses, and he actually was the one who encouraged me every day, helping me realize I wasn’t living up to my full potential. Finally, in my mid-to-late 30s, I realized the only way I could successfully pull off this balancing act of CEO and mom was through discipline and consistency. Fast forward 11 years later: I have a phenomenal staff at Artist Makeup Academy, two of whom happen to be my sisters, who’ve helped me tremendously with my business. They’re my right and left hands. Prior to having a fabulous team, it was me, myself & I, and man oh man, those were the hard days. I was the admissions advisor, educator, and janitor, all in one. Now that I think about it all, honestly… being a mother to 2 children is harder than those 3 positions combined.


3. What advice would you give mamas balancing a career and motherhood? 

Selfishly, and without ANY regret or hesitation saying this… always prioritize yourself. My happiness and health is most important. I can’t help anyone if I don’t help myself first. In order to be the best spouse/mother/boss/leader, I need to love myself and my body and truly love the life I’ve created. Health is wealth. If I don’t feel good physically and mentally, I can’t help inspire or change the lives of others. If I’m falling apart, nothing else around me can thrive. Taking care of me first allows me to be the best possible spouse to my husband, leader for my employees, and mother to my children. In most cases, mothers put everyone and everything else before themselves, and it’s a very easy trap to fall into. One way I choose to prioritize myself before anyone else is by waking up at 5am and working out for 20 minutes. That’s putting me first. Afterwards, I feel good, and only then am I ready to step into mom mode, make breakfast, and show up for my children. 


4. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in motherhood and entrepreneurship, and how have you overcome them? 

    The one that haunts me daily…“mom guilt!” It’s so real and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. All I try to do, in true balancing-act fashion, is be as present as possible in whatever it is I’m doing. Whether that’s with family or work—just be present. As an entrepreneur, my business was my first baby because I opened it well before I had children. When I’m in the office, I give my business 100 percent of my attention and my family knows I’m on do not disturb mode. When I go home, unless it’s a true business emergency, the same goes, but in reverse. I wouldn’t say overcome is the right word, but perhaps I learned to prioritize. 


    5. Did you take any time off after having your children? If so, what was the transition like going back to work? 

    Indeed, I did take time off, and it was the hardest transition of life. It was harder than diapers to potty training, if I’m being honest. Even as a business owner, I didn’t want to go back to work. It felt selfish leaving my babies. My sister was my crutch: she stepped up and gave me the ability to stay home longer than most mothers would be able to. However, in reality it ended up making the transition more difficult when it was time to go back. I would recommend going back sooner rather than later (as long as you’re able to), because, yes I understand you want to be home to make all these memories and not skip a beat, BUT you also lose yourself in the process very quickly. In fact, I say this all the time: I always love going to work because I believe it allows me to be my best self, which then allows me to be the best possible wife and mom. Speaking for myself, being home all day was extremely challenging, and I do feel I lost myself. I wasn’t as patient, kind, or gentle as I wanted to be. I lost passion and that motivated me to make a change. Now, when I come home from work, we all run towards each other with open arms because we missed each other!


    6. What’s been your most memorable moment or milestone you’ve experienced in both your role as a mother and a CEO? 

    Without hesitation, my most memorable business milestone is being the CEO of a successful small business for over a decade and scaling my business every year since. 

    My most memorable moment as a mother was the moment I had Camila, my second born child: thinking there was no way I could ever love her as much as my first born, and then instantaneously realizing that the heart just grows. I immediately realized you can and do love them exactly the same. It seems silly but I was terrified to have Camila because of the immense love I had for Carter, my first born. At that time I couldn’t imagine being able to love and share my time with two children, and now I can’t imagine not having two children.


    7. How do you incorporate your personal values and experiences as a mother into the culture and mission of your business? 

    Simple: patience and positivity. I most definitely incorporate parenting into my business philosophy. Your business will always be your baby. You nurture it in order for it to grow, you put in endless amounts of hard work and long hours, and the time and attention you put into it is what will come out of it. 


    8. How has your parenting style evolved since first becoming a mother? 

    The evolution of my parenting style has gone from being as uptight as can be with my first child to being as cool as a cucumber with my second. This was for my own sanity and for those around me! Things are always changing!


    9. What do you find most gratifying about being a working mom? 

    The most gratifying part about being a working mom is that I feel I get to control my life. Indeed, it’s very hard but not impossible. The personal growth and accomplishments that come along with having my own thing brings me immense pride and joy that no one can take away from me. These are personal accomplishments achieved by me, for me, and that’s an amazing feeling. I always want to pride myself on being an amazing mom, but I also want to pride myself on my own hard work and accomplishments, outside of motherhood. At the end of the day, moms are SUPERHEROES; the “working” part is the bonus. 


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