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Happy March, mamas! If you’re expecting a little one this month, you’re in for a treat. March is the month for energetic trailblazers, so keep reading to find out what’s in store for your springtime baby.

Important Dates for your 2022 March Baby:

  • Your baby will graduate high school in 2040, and if they attend college, they’ll get their diploma in 2044.

  • Brace yourself, mama. That means your little one will start kindergarten in 2027!

  • The first election your baby votes in will be 2040.

  • And their 21st birthday will be celebrated in 2043!

  • Finally, to compare your 2022 babies to events that have happened in your lifetime, think about this. Your 2022 March baby was born:

    30 years after IBM’s first ThinkPad was released worldwide.
    The 700 and 700C models featured, among other things, floppy disk drives. When was the last time you used one of those?
    20 years after Avril Lavigne won Best New Artist
    at the MTV Video Music Awards, in part thanks to her wildly successful song “Complicated.”
    11 years after the Royal Wedding
    of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 23 million Americans watched at home, and afterwards, many wedding dresses took inspiration from Duchess Kate’s gown.

      Personality Traits of your March Baby:

      • March babies are born at the start of the spring season, which gives them a dynamic disposition and positive outlook. Spring is the season of fresh starts, and a March baby is generous and affectionate when giving others a second chance. They are independent and ready to see what the world has to offer.
      • What will your March baby be when they grow up? According to research published in the journal Economic Letters, the answer just might be “CEO.” The study tracked babies born in March and April and found they were more likely to climb the corporate ladder to the top when compared with their peers.
      • If your March baby finds an office too stuffy, they could have good luck setting their sights much higher. Pilots are more likely to celebrate a birthday in March, according to a small study done in the UK.
      • A March baby has great intuition and trusts their gut. They’re born earlier in the school year compared to their peers and may find it easier to advance socially and academically.
      • And finally, your March baby is exuberant and full of laughter. They will be a bright spot in your life, like the first flower to bloom in springtime: completely unique and sure to make you smile.

      March Birth Month Fun Facts:

      The March birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone.

      Two gems with totally different hues, these stones mimic the many sides of March babies. Aquamarine is the calm sea and sunny disposition. Bloodstone symbolizes health and strength, and the determination of March babies to forge their own paths.

      March’s birth flower is the daffodil.

      Daffodils are a common sight in early spring, making them an appropriate flower to celebrate those born in March. These bright yellow flowers can also symbolize remembrance and forgiveness, two important qualities that March babies tend to possess.

      The most popular birth dates in March are the 21st, 17th, and 1st.

      These days each see an average of just over 11,000 babies born in the United States, as of 2020. However, these days aren’t very common when looking at the year as a whole. In comparison, September 9th is known as the most popular day to be born, and around 12,300 babies claim it as their birthday every year.

      …While March 13th is the least common March birthday!

      When looking at the calendar year, this birthday is ranked 338th in popularity. To see how popular your baby’s date of birth is, check out this chart that uses data on babies born from 1994 to 2014.

      There are two zodiac signs for babies born in March:

      Babies born before March 20th, are the water sign Pisces. These water signs are known to be intuitive and emotional. After March 20th, your child will be an Aries. Represented by the ram, this fire sign is an unstoppable force when it comes to achieving their goals. Read more about what the zodiac signs mean for your baby in our zodiac series.

      Famous People Born in March:

      Celebrities that share a birth month with your baby include:

      • Catherine O’Hara – 3/4/1954
      • Matthew Broderick – 3/21/1962
      • Queen Latifah – 3/18/1970
      • Eva Longoria – 3/15/1975
      • Reese Witherspoon – 3/22/1976
      Music is thriving in March, with birthdays belonging to:
        • Elton John – 3/25/1947
        • Justin Bieber – 3/1/1994
        • Jon Bon Jovi – 3/2/1962
        • Carrie Underwood – 3/10/1983
        • Lady Gaga – 3/28/1986
        March is the birth month of inventors, artists, and even magicians, like:
          • Vincent van Gogh – 3/30/1853
          • Harry Houdini – 3/24/1874
          • Theodore Seuss Geisel, “Dr. Seuss” – 3/2/1904
          • Albert Einstein – 3/14/1879
          • Andrew Llyod Webber – 3/22/1948
          Some fun fictional characters celebrate their birthday in March:
          • Michael Scott (The Office) – 3/15/1965
          • Wonder Woman (DC Comics) – March 22nd
          • Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) – 3/1/1980
          • Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl) – 3/27/1991
          • And Barbie’s official birthday is March 9th!

          March Historical World Events:

          • March 30th, 1867 – The United States bought Alaska for $7.2 million. The Alaska Purchase transferred the territory from Russia to the United States. Today the estimated cost would translate to about $133 million dollars. To put things in perspective, that’s still only $0.37 per acre. In 2021, buying an acre of land in a state like New Jersey could cost you around $196, 410. Even a cheaper state like Wyoming can still run about $1,558 per acre. Talk about inflation!

          • March 6th, 1899 – “Aspirin” is patented by Felix Hoffman. He was working at the German company Bayer when he received the patent for the drug, acetylsalicylic acid. This blood thinner and fever reducer can also help inflammation. Today, aspirin is widely used to treat a number of chronic ailments from pericarditis and arthritis to the common cold.

          • March 1st, 1936 – The Hoover Dam was completed, creating Lake Mead, which is the United States’ largest reservoir by volume when at its largest capacity. In addition to providing potable water, the dam is also a source of hydroelectric power. If you haven’t seen this massive structure in person yet – it’s 726 ft tall! – consider joining some of the millions of tourists who visit each year along the special Hoover Dam Bypass off Route 93.

            Snapshot of Life in March 2022

            When your little one asks what the world was like when they were born, here’s what you can tell them!

            • The most popular songs on the radio as of February 1st: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the movie Encanto, “Easy On Me” by Adele, and “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals.

            • Though March is generally thought of as the start of Tornado Season, there had already been 10 confirmed tornados in the United States in the month of February in 2022. The increase and early shift are due to increasing temperatures.
            • Movies released nationwide in March 2022 include The Batman, The Unbreakable Boy, and The Outfit.

            Major news headlines focused on the intensifying conflict in Ukraine:

              As well as developments on our own front that will have long-term future impacts:

                Happy Birthday to all March babies!

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