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What to Know About your Aries Baby

What to Know About your Aries Baby

Let’s talk about what makes an Aries in Sun so self-assured, adrenaline-seeking, and outgoing!

Aries Sun Fast Facts
Your baby is an Aries Sun if they were born between March 21st to April 19th.

The zodiac calendar starts with Aries – they always lead the way!

  • The Aries sign is represented by a ram.
    • Much like a ram, Aries are characterized by having an unstoppable energy as they charge forwards through life.
  • Aries is ruled by Mars, and they are a Fire sign.
    • Have you heard that Aries are argumentative, hot-headed, and bold? It might be for a good reason! Their ruling planet and element add to their energetic and somewhat impulsive nature.
  • Aries is a cardinal sign.
    • There are three modalities of the Zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each modality is home to one of each type of elemental sign. Aries is the Fire sign in the cardinal state.
    • Aries’ cardinal state means they are driven and won’t hesitate to act. They want to keep the world spinning and they want to help determine the direction in which it spins!

Your Aries Baby’s Personality

You’ve got a wild one on your hands, mama! Your little Aries was born knowing exactly what he wants. From a new stuffed animal to pizza for dinner, the demands of your stubborn Aries could wear any mom down – if it weren’t for that sparkling, strong personality that goes along with every request.

That’s because Aries’ confidence in themselves is charming, as are their grand ideas for what they aim to accomplish next. While others might shy away from arguing with a bully, letting them get their way, Aries will be the kid who stands up and says, “That’s not fair, let’s do it like this.”

As they grow, you will see your Aries child throw themselves fearlessly into doing what they love. But no matter how brightly they shine, this fire sign will need someone to come to when they have those moments of self-doubt, or when their impulsive nature backfires. They’ll count on you to remind them just how amazing they are.

The Adventure-Ready Aries

Your Aries is always up for a game, no matter what kind. Their competitive nature can work in your advantage as a mom: chores that score points, flash card games to study for school, and even a round of “I Spy” on a long car ride are just a few tricks you’ll have up your sleeve.

The fun doesn’t stop there with your Aries child. As they age, your little one will be excited to tag along on whatever “adventure” you’re headed off on. Whether it’s grocery shopping or training for a 5k, expect an Aries sidekick right there with you. The speedy Aries will have you setting new paces in every aspect of life. Before you know it, they’ll be off on their own quests, so enjoy your rambunctious shadow while you can!

Aries are Natural Leaders

Want a quick tip on harnessing the ever-energized Aries energy? Get them involved! From mommy & me gymnastics to scouting, a group of their peers is the perfect outlet for Aries to socialize, run around, and show off.

That need to be in the spotlight will put your Aries kid front and center throughout their lives. They are high achievers who like to give their best and handle criticism in stride. On the flip side, they might run into trouble with friends who find them blunt or too argumentative. Remind your headstrong ram to pause occasionally and enjoy just being with their friends. That self-imposed pressure to perform can feel so heavy, they’ll need your help to remember their friends appreciate them no matter what.

How to Guide Your Aries Child

One of the major things your little Aries will rely on is for you to always be one step ahead. That’s because as big as their plans might be, they rarely extend too far into the future.

If you’re familiar with the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you’ll recognize that impatient, onto-the-next personality in your own child. Their little brain is brimming with big ideas, and each one feels just as special and important. Help them prioritize while supporting their ambition. As your little Aries finds more independence, the more you chase them, the further they’ll pull away. Aries needs to know you believe they can do it to admit they need help.

When your Aries feels like the world is crashing down, the best way to cheer them up is to remind them that tomorrow is a new day. The blank canvas of the future is Aries’ favorite art project. They’re in no rush to fill it – to-do lists and organization are not their strong suits – but the endless possibilities are refreshing.

Are you an Aries, Mom?

With Aries’ extreme need for independence, adjusting to motherhood is no easy feat. But once you find your groove, you are one unstoppable force. The phrase Mama Bear was made for you, Aries. You are ready to pass along confidence and determination to your kids.

You’re also a wonderful role model when it comes to self-care. After all, self-care isn’t all bath bombs and lavender soap. Sometimes self-care is saying no when you feel pressured to give in or taking up kick boxing because it makes you feel like Wonder Woman. With you to look up to, your kiddos will see how amazing it is to stay true to yourself.

As a mother, you excel at maintaining personal boundaries and a genuine sense of identity. You’ll be rooting in the stands at your child’s basketball game at 6pm and teaching a spin class at 7. Your friendships are a mosaic of those you’ve met through your kids, your partner, your hobbies, and your past. This healthy outlook on relationships is something your kids will be lucky to pick up.

Aries moms, you have a fire roaring in your heart with love for your family, and your children see that reflected in everything you do!

Baby Zodiac Series

There are 12 signs that make up the Zodiac calendar. Your child will have a full, unique birth chart based on the date, time of day, and location of their birth, but we’re focusing on the sun signs, which is the sign most people associate with the Zodiac.

Sun signs are representative of how you view yourself in relation to the world. They define your individual liveliness and are also associated with your creative and social energies. In comparison, the other two signs in your ‘Big 3’ are your rising and moon signs. Rising signs reveal how others might perceive your actions and persona, among other things. And moon signs relate to your emotions and how you self-reflect.