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Guest Editor: Amber Trueblood, LMFT
Author, Speaker, Therapist & Mother of Four

Manifestation is using thoughts, words, and imagery to draw specific positive experiences into your life. Visualization is the practice you use to manifest on purpose.

A visualization practice can be done daily, typically alone in a quiet space. First, get clear on what you’d like to manifest into your life. Then, spend 5-10 minutes doing the following: imagine the emotions you’ll feel and get as specific as you can about what you might smell, taste, see, hear, and feel when you’ve achieved what you’re attempting to manifest.

A key point in manifestation is “letting go of the how”. This means you do not spend time figuring out HOW you might achieve this goal.

The theory: There are many paths that lead to your dream and you may not consciously know which one is most simple and direct. Therefore, trying to plan how you might achieve your dream may limit or delay its fruition.

For instance, instead of manifesting a $10,000 holiday bonus, you would manifest what already having an extra $10,000 might look and feel like in your life; Perhaps you envision your entire family enjoying a big vacation, your credit card statement showing zero debt, or new shower tile in your bathroom.

Manifestation is particular popular right now. In times of uncertainty, it’s an ideal practice providing hope and positivity while simultaneously being risk-free, cost-free, and gluten-free.

After researching and studying various forms of visualization practices, I recognized an interesting pattern. I pulled together the six most powerful components of the visualization techniques I studies, and created the G.O.O.D.I.E. method. I’ve used it personally many times, with astounding results.

Here it is for you.

Gratitude, Outcome, Others, Details, Inspiration, and Emotions.

G - Feel Grateful for NOW

O - Envision the Final Outcome You Want

O - Imagine Others Benefitting

D - Include ALL the Sensory Details

I - Take Inspired Action

E - Feel the Positive Emotions
For example, say you want to manifest a creative career that allows you both independent growth and time to spend with your family. Follow these steps:

G Feel Grateful for NOW: I’m so grateful my parents are healthy, my kids love their school, and I got to take a nice long bath last night.

O Envision the Final Outcome You Want: I’m excited to work with great people, have flexible hours, and use my brain in a creative way.

O Imagine Others Benefitting: My kids are happier because I’m less stressed, my husband is less worried about finances, and my dog loves that I’m home early to take him for walks.

D Include ALL the Sensory Details: I can smell the coffee. I can feel the breeze on my face as I drive to the office. I can see the new work clothes I get to wear every day. I can hear the chatter in the restaurant downstairs from the office, where we have a lunch meeting. I can taste the delicious pasta with garlic sauce.

I Take Inspired Action: Notice what happens around you. Be alert. What thoughts or ideas pop into mind first thing in the morning? Oh, you remember your college friend works in this field and used to live in your hometown? Email or call her that day. Oh, you remember a neighbor talking about a new company that sounded interesting. Walk over to his house and ask about it. Today.

I find meditation and feeling calmer allows me to notice these little nuggets of inspiration. The quicker you act on them, the more often they pop up.

E Feel the Positive Emotions: Feel it. Really try to feel all the positive emotions you will experience once this dream is a reality. Pride? Excitement? Contentment? Joy? Confidence?

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Amber Trueblood, LMFT

Author, Speaker, Therapist & Mother of Four