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Interview With ESTAS Beauty Owners: Treating Your Skin After a C-Section With C-Section Scar Oil

Interview With ESTAS Beauty Owners: Treating Your Skin After a C-Section With C-Section Scar Oil

Meet Cristina and Alejandra, the Co-Founders of ESTAS Beauty. Cristina had open heart surgery at 24, which left her with a 6-inch scar on her chest; and Alejandra has had two C-Sections.

“After Alejandra had her first C-Section, she told me how much she was struggling with her scar: she didn't like the way it looked or how it felt. I knew exactly what she was going through, so I tried to get her a luxury scar cream as a new mom gift, to inspire her to take care of her scar and to be proud of it. When I couldn't find the luxury skincare-style scar product that I was looking for, we decided to create it ourselves,” Cristina explains.

ESTAS, which stands for Every Scar Tells A Story, is the first line of luxury skincare formulated specifically for scars, rooted in the belief that our scars should be celebrated and cared for. ESTAS products are formulated with the best scarcare ingredients, but still have the feel and texture of luxury skincare. Our unique 3-step system has shown to be effective on both old and new scars.

“In the 3-year process of developing ESTAS Beauty's formulas, brand and mission, I have come to think of my c-section scars as something other than aberrations. It has taken time, but now when I look down at my belly, I no longer think of my c-sections as imperfections. They are stamps of the life I created, a part of my body and a part of my story.” says Alejandra.

We started ESTAS because we want to celebrate all the incredible moms who have c-section scars: beautiful littles lines that show we created life! We want to honor this part of our bodies, and care for them the way they deserve. We know that scars are a special type of skin, and they need a special kind of care. Society tells us to conceal our scars, and we want to change that. Let’s pamper our scars and wear them like badges of honor. Let’s nourish our scars with the best ingredients. Let’s celebrate our scars because they make us unique and beautiful!

Q & A with Alejandra & Cristina

Q: How can you help a c-section scar heal?

A: I like to start with what not to do. Perhaps the worst thing you can do for your scar and your healing process is to ignore it or avoid it. The more you touch your scar and nourish it the better it will look and feel. Massage, care, and nourishment are the most important things! Try to touch your scar at least once a day; if you can take 20 seconds to massage it and cleanse it, and then 20 seconds to rub in a nourishing scarcare product, you will start to see the difference after a few days. Before you start treating your scar, we always recommend consulting your doctor.

Q: Why are C-section scars different?

A: As a mom and a woman, I think C-section scars are very different than other surgical scars for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  1. The shape and size of our body is completely different when the incision is made versus when the wound is healed. This area of our body and skin is being asked to do so many things at the same time.
  2. Our hormones. Not only is our body trying to heal itself, but we are also going through so many hormonal changes, which adds an entirely new level of emotional stress.
  3. Yet, in a way, C-sections may be the happiest of scars. They are a sign that we created a life, a completely new life. Even though I’ve experienced two of them myself, I’m still in awe!

Q: Do C-section scars go away?

A: No, scars don’t just go away. Over time they may become thinner, lighter, and even less noticeable, but scars don’t disappear with topical treatments. Which is why we believe it’s more important to treat your scar so that it looks its most beautiful and healthy, while embracing the story behind it. As we like to say: since you can’t erase it, embrace it!

Q: Why do C-section scars hurt years later?

A: When scar tissue is forming it tends to produce extra collagen. If that area is not stretched, moved or used, it can become stuck and stiff - which can cause great discomfort. The good news is that even years later you can help your c-section feel better and hurt less with scar mobility and massage. You can visit a postpartum physical therapist to help you with this, or you can do it at home yourself. Here’s a great video with some very effective massage techniques:

Q: What are C-section scar side effects?

A: We love this question! So many side effects that no one ever talks about!

  1. Random pains around and inside (behind) the C-section - pulls, twinges and little stabs! My mother who had her last C-section 37 years ago will still sometimes get twinges, pulls and dull sharp pains.
  2. Numbness around the C-section area - this one is huge and some women will feel numbness for a long time (even 40 years later). This is due to the nerve endings/connections being severed during the surgery. The best way to help the numbness is to touch the area, massage it and remind the nerve endings they need to turn back on, grow back together and start feeling again. If the area is not touched and the nerve endings are not given the signal, they’ll just stay “asleep.”
  3. Itchiness - when it’s healing but also randomly years after it has healed. I take this as a sign that it’s growing a new connection or healing in some way, but the random itchy spells will hit without warning.

ESTAS Beauty offers four products to address all your c-section scar needs:

Morning Massage Vitamin E & Primrose Scar Cleansing Oil

A massage activated cleansing oil that is formulated with antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Evening Primrose which are known to help enhance radiance and facilitate healing.

Daily Dose Vitamin E & C Scar Cream Serum

This potent formula combines Vitamin C and E with various soothing ingredients to help brighten, soften and nourish your scar.

Sleep Salve Silicone & Vitamin E Scar Mask

This silky mask garners the powerful properties of Vitamin E & Silicone, a potent combination of scar ingredients, known to soften, flatten and retexturize scars by increasing hydration and creating the ideal environment for scars to heal.

ESTAS Essentials

This is the complete ESTAS scarcare routine. Results are magnified when used as a 3-step system.

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