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The 8 Best Maternity Bras & Nursing Bras You'll Need on Your Motherhood Journey

The 8 Best Maternity Bras & Nursing Bras You'll Need on Your Motherhood Journey

Pregnancy boobs provide their own unique addition to the pre-mama experience. Tender, itchy, swollen, and heavy your breasts are on a journey that are going to require something special in terms of support. Before you were expecting, you probably relied on the same rotation of bras to see you through your daily activities. Now that your boobs are growing in a way you have likely not seen since puberty, it’s time to bring in the experts. That’s where we come in.

Our collection of maternity bras for pregnancy, nursing and beyond will hold your girls up and offer the support you need for everything from work, sleep, working out and even fancier occasions. We’re here for you during your busty adventures.

How do you know when you need a maternity bra?

The best answer to the question of when you need a maternity bra is when your regular bra begins to feel tight or constraining. While a bra extender may add length to your bra, it’s only a maternity bra that will offer the extra support and extra comfort during your pregnancy. When your breasts start getting noticeably heavier, it’s time to invest in a couple maternity bras. For a lot of mamas, this is around the six to eight week mark of pregnancy.

How is a maternity bra different from a nursing bra?

It can be tricky deciding on a maternity bra versus a nursing bra, but luckily there are options that suit both needs. One of the main differences between a nursing bra and a maternity bra is that nursing bras allow for easy access to your breast for feeding time. Whether this be through a clip-down strap or a wrap-style bra that lets you easily pull the cups aside for breastfeeding.

How many maternity bras will you need?

You may be tempted to just use your regular bra during pregnancy and for nursing, but it’s important to know there are significant benefits to investing in a bra designed for this special time. Here’s why:

  • Nursing and maternity bras work with your body, not against them
  • Nursing bras make it easy to breastfeed anywhere, anytime with details that allow you to bring baby to your breast without undressing or taking your bra off
  • Maternity bras have wider straps, giving you support and help to ease neck and back pain

The Best Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bras for Everyday Wear

Why do you want a seamless bra during pregnancy? The first priority of a seamless bra is to offer comfort, free of hardware or any other potentially uncomfortable elements. With no underwire, a seamless bra gives your boobs support without restrictive structure. They offer an ample amount of stretch, which allows them to grow and give with your changing body. They are also easy on/easy off, making them extra nice for nursing later on down the road.

1. Our Best-Selling SEAMLESS #1 BRA (available in 3 fits)

Our collection of seamless maternity bras are famous for their unparalleled comfy fit and stretchy, grow-with-you fabric. A favorite of The Bump, What to Expect and Harper’s Bazaar, our seamless bra

2. For Fuller Busts: Full Busted Seamless Nursing & Maternity Bra

This bra was made to offer total support and coverage–especially for D-cups and above. The fuller coverage keeps nursing pads in place after the baby arrives. The clip-down nursing straps allows for easy access for breastfeeding.

3. For Average-Size Busts: Average Busted Seamless Nursing & Maternity Bra

Woman smiling wearing seamless maternity bra and leggings

Made for A-D cups, our best-selling seamless bra easily stretches from first through third trimester and well beyond. This will be your go-to bra for everyday wear and you may even find yourself sleeping in it.

4. For Plus Size Busts Plus Size Seamless Nursing & Maternity Bra

Our best-selling wireless bra is available in a plus size to accommodate larger busts, too. The same seamless experience for every size.

The Best Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bras

You may not be used to sleeping in your bra, but for pregnancy and early motherhood, a sleep bra is essential. A comfy bra to sleep in offers support during pregnancy and will help catch any leaky breasts during your breastfeeding time.

1. The Perfect Maternity Sleep Bra

Our Wrap-Style Nursing and Maternity Bra was created especially for sleeptime. With comfy cotton and stretchy spandex, this bra is free of any wires or support elements that will interfere with a restful sleep. The wrap-style cups allow easy access for breastfeeding. Many mamas find it so comfy that they end up wearing it all day long, too. Our Wrap -Style Nursing and Maternity bra comes in plus size, too.

2. For a Sexier Look: A Lingerie-Inspired Maternity Bra

Inspired by our best-selling wrap-style nursing bra, our Mesh Trimmed Maternity and Nursing Bra adds a dash of sexiness to a must have item. Free of any clasps, wires or clips, this super-comfy sleep bra allows easy access for nursing and pumping.

3. A Sleep-Friendly Bralette

Perfect for sleeping in as well as all day wear, our Seamless Clip Down Maternity and Nursing Bralette has you covered. The beloved bralette shape means it’s easy to pull on and off and has no annoying back clasps to bother you while sleeping.

The Best Structured Nursing & Maternity Bras

We get that not every day is a lounge day, which is why including a structured maternity and nursing bra is essential, too. For work days and special events, you will want a bra that supports you during your motherhood journey yet still looks great under a dress, blouse or cool tee. We have two best-selling maternity bra options that give you structure and support the way you need it.

1. Maternity and Nursing Bra with Underwire

Full Coverage Underwire Maternity and Nursing Bra. This bra is a new mama favorite for its clip-down straps for nursing, full coverage and luxurious look and feel.

2. Best Wireless Maternity and Nursing Bra

If underwire is still not your jam, we’ve got you covered with this wire-free answer to your more buttoned-up needs. The Wireless Maternity and Nursing Bra will keep you looking and feeling great no matter what is on the schedule. The stretchable nylon/spandex fabric adjusts perfectly to your curves, offering complete coverage just the way you want.

The Best Maternity & Nursing Sports Bras

You will want to invest in a sports bra during your early motherhood stage. A good maternity sports bra will have nursing capabilities and support to hold your boobs up comfortably while you exercise.

  1. Best Sports Bra with Cool Straps

One of our favorite features on any sports bra is the ability to look great peeking out from under a tank top. The Studio Seamless Racerback Maternity & Nursing Bra not only has a stylish strappy racerback design, but it has clip down functions to make nursing a cinch.

  1. Best Overall Maternity and Nursing Sports Bra

This no-nonsense Maternity and Nursing Sports Bra is a go-to choice for yoga sessions and jogs as well as just hanging out. New moms love it for its comfort and clip-down nursing straps.

The Best Hands-Free Nursing Bras

As a new mom, having your hands free is priceless. So much of your time is spent using those hands to care for your little one, that their freedom is a precious commodity. Investing in a bra that holds your pump in place while you can eat, text or answer emails is a beautiful thing.

  1. The Best Hands Free Seamless Pumping Bra

Designed with a hidden slit to reveal your nipple and outer layer to cover it up, our Hands Free Seamless Pumping Bra is a modern miracle. A tube fits through the inner layer slit to connect to the pump, where it holds in place hands free. The inner layer discreetly covers the breast discretion if you need to pump somewhere other than home. This bra also lets mom nurse on one side and pump on the other if needed.

  1. The Best Hands Free Nursing Bra for Wearable Pumps

Created exclusively to firmly support wearable pumps, the 2-in-1 Nursing & Pumping Bra for Wearable Pumps provides ideal support and compression to keep your pump in place against your breast. This dual function bra clips down to nurse, allowing you to nurse and pump at the same time when needed. Thanks to its seamless and wireless design, it’s also comfy enough for all day wear.

Still trying to figure out your perfect size? Find your perfect maternity bra fit, using our expert bra fit guide.