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When To Buy Maternity Clothes: A Timeline

When To Buy Maternity Clothes: A Timeline

Hey there, mama-to-be! Congratulations on your growing baby bump. With all the exciting changes that come with pregnancy, one of the things you might be wondering about is maternity clothes. When do you need to start shopping for them? When is it too soon, and when is it too late?

Let's go on a journey together and find the perfect timeline for buying maternity clothes to keep you comfortable and stylish throughout your pregnancy.

What Are the Signs You Might Need Maternity Clothes?

Every woman's body is unique and responds differently to pregnancy. While some moms-to-be start noticing changes in their bodies as early as the first month, others might breeze through their first trimester in their regular clothes without any issues.


One of the first signs that you might need maternity clothes is discomfort with your regular clothes. If your jeans are getting a bit snug around the waist or your fitted tops are feeling tight around the bust, it might be time to start considering maternity wear.


Bloating, another early pregnancy symptom, can also make your regular clothes feel uncomfortable. Remember, the main goal of maternity clothes is to keep you comfortable as your body grows and changes.

Breast Changes

Also, your breasts tend to get larger early in pregnancy. If you notice your bras are getting tight or uncomfortable, it might be time to invest in some maternity or nursing bras. They're designed with stretchy fabric and wider straps to provide more support and comfort as your body changes.

First Trimester: To Buy or Not To Buy

During the first trimester, you might not see significant changes in your belly size. Some women find that they can manage with their regular clothes or by simply going a size up in regular clothes. However, if you're feeling uncomfortable or you're starting to show earlier than you expected, there's no harm in starting your maternity clothes shopping early.

For the first trimester, you might want to consider items that offer comfort and a bit of room to grow but don't scream "maternity" just yet. Stretchy leggings, roomy tops, and dresses can be comfortable options.

Also, a belly band can be a great investment at this stage. It allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants or jeans unbuttoned, giving your growing belly some room while keeping your pants securely in place.

Remember, everyone's pregnancy journey is unique, so the "right time" to buy maternity clothes varies from woman to woman. The key is to listen to your body and make sure you're comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Second Trimester: Embracing the Baby Bump

Welcome to the second trimester! By this stage, your baby bump is likely more noticeable, and your regular clothes might start to feel increasingly snug. The second trimester is often when most moms-to-be start investing in a maternity wardrobe.

At this time, maternity jeans or pants with stretchy belly panels can be a lifesaver. They provide room for your growing belly while giving you the support you need. You might also want to start looking at maternity tops with ruching or pleating at the sides. These tops are designed to flatter your baby bump and will continue to fit as you grow.

One key item to consider in the second trimester is a good maternity dress. For example, our Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Side Ruched Dress is a fantastic option that can adapt with you throughout your journey. The ruching detail around the belly flatters your growing bump, and the stretchy fabric ensures you stay comfortable.

Third Trimester: Maximum Comfort and Functionality

At this stage, as your body prepares for the final stretch of pregnancy, maximum comfort and functionality in your clothing are paramount. You'll appreciate garments that are not only easy to put on and take off but also provide ample room for your burgeoning bump.

Our Side Panel Letdown Hem Maternity Overalls are an excellent choice for this time. With their laid-back, chill vibe and distressed denim look, they pair brilliantly with tees in spring or sweaters in fall. And what's more, they're designed to grow with your bump, ensuring you'll stay comfortable and stylish throughout this trimester and beyond.

In addition to overalls, consider investing in a few maternity tunics or long tops for this trimester. These garments provide comfortable coverage for your bump and pair seamlessly with maternity leggings or jeans. Flowing dresses that gently drape over your belly can also offer maximum comfort and style, proving that pregnancy and fashion can go hand in hand.

Last but not least, it's time to rethink your underwear drawer. Opt for maternity panties designed to sit comfortably under your bump, offering a more tailored and comfortable fit than your regular ones at this stage. Pregnancy is a journey of constant change, and your wardrobe should adapt and change along with you!

Postpartum: Transition Wear

Once you've given birth, it's crucial to remember that your body won't instantly revert to its pre-pregnancy shape. This transition is entirely natural and part of the miraculous journey of motherhood. In this postpartum period, it's all about finding clothes that bring comfort and accommodate your body's ongoing changes.

At this stage, our Post Pregnancy Panty Shaper becomes an essential part of your wardrobe. This postpartum game-changer is designed with seamless technology and breathable cotton fabric. Wearing it, you'll enjoy all-day comfort while minimizing the appearance of your post-baby belly, helping you feel more confident as your body adjusts.

Also, consider our Upspring High Waist Post Baby Panty, a modern addition to your intimate drawer. This unique piece features cutting-edge bamboo charcoal fiber technology and moderate medical-grade compression.

Its high-waisted design provides subtle compression, which aids in slimming and supporting your belly. With bamboo charcoal's unique therapeutic properties, this panty may help support circulation, adding an extra wellness boost to your postpartum journey.

Essential items for this period include nursing tops and dresses that offer uncomplicated breastfeeding access. Many of our maternity items are specifically designed to double as nursing clothes, proving that comfort, functionality, and style can effortlessly merge, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Transitioning Back to Regular Clothes

Transitioning back to regular clothes post-pregnancy can take some time, and that's perfectly normal. Take this phase at your own pace, and remember, it's all about comfort and feeling good in your skin. Continue to wear your maternity clothes as long as you need to.

Investing in a few transitional pieces that can work for both maternity and postpartum periods can be helpful. For instance, elastic waistbands, wrap styles, and button-down shirts can be worn throughout your pregnancy and still look great post-pregnancy.

The Bottom Line

Knowing when to buy maternity clothes can be a bit of a guessing game, but hopefully, this timeline has provided some helpful guidance. Remember, everyone's pregnancy journey is unique, so listen to your body and make the transition when it feels right for you.

At Motherhood, we're here to support you at every stage of your journey. From the first signs of a baby bump to your postpartum transition and beyond, we offer comfortable, stylish options that adapt to your changing body and evolving needs.

Pregnancy is a time of significant change, but it's also a time to celebrate. Don't be afraid to experiment with new styles and embrace your evolving shape. After all, motherhood is a beautiful journey, and every stage deserves to be celebrated in style!


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