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What to Know About your Taurus Baby

What to Know About your Taurus Baby

Let’s talk about what makes a Taurus in Sun so comforting, stubborn, and sweet!

Taurus Sun Fast Facts
Your baby is a Taurus Sun if they were born between April 20th and May 20th.
  • The Taurus sign is represented by a bull.
    • Picture a bull happily munching grass in a picturesque, open field. The sun on their back and a smile on their face. This sense of inner peace surrounded by outer beauty is what Taurus strives for.
  • Taurus is ruled by Venus, and they are an Earth sign.
    • Serene and satisfied by earthly pleasures, Taurus know how to enjoy the finer things in life. They have a grounded nature and often seek out homey creature comforts, like fuzzy socks and rich chocolate.
  • Taurus is a fixed sign.
    • There are three modalities of the Zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each modality is home to one of each type of elemental sign. Taurus is the Earth sign in the fixed state.
    • Taurus’ fixed state lends to a stable, reliable friend who knows how to support you in the best way. They usually know what’s best, but that can make it difficult when someone suggests otherwise. Messing with the bull can, after all, lead to the horns!
Your Taurus Baby’s Personality

As sure as the Earth will turn, your little Taurus will keep on. She has a stoicism that, no matter her size or age, gives her the air of someone who knows exactly what’s going to happen next. Taurus is a fixed sign, and your baby will seem grounded from the moment she can stand on her own two feet.

Don’t mistake her down-to-earth nature for a rejection of the finer things in life, though. If your little Taurus was a trend, they’d be cottage core: wildflowers, impressionistic paintings, and homecooked meals served on perfectly mismatched dishes. Charming Taurus wants to experience life to the fullest in all its glory!

The Taurus Child

Your Taurus child will be a big fan of stopping to smell the roses. And good luck getting them to hurry along!

Here are the many joys your little Taurus will bring you in their childhood: elaborate art projects, lazy days spent cloud watching, and rainy afternoons mixing muffins in the kitchen. And of course, as with any child, there will be times when you simply can’t see eye to eye.

When your second grader Taurus says they’re done with their homework, it’ll feel impossible to get them to go over their spelling words a second time. A toddler Taurus will dig their heels in the sand at the beach and refuse to budge until the ice cream man returns. And any Taurus might heave a big sigh when you try to take them out on a night when they’d rather stay in.

These little homebodies are experts at commitment. To ideas, people, and even objects – ever met someone with a favorite cup? They might be a Taurus! While their fixed nature might stir up trouble, it’s also something to be grateful for. Your little Taurus is stuck on loving you, after all.

Taurus: The Homebody Sign

Take a good look at the nursery you’ve put together for your Taurus baby. Your little one will appreciate the care you’ve put into its design more than most growing children! That’s because if Taurus was a king, his home would be his domain. You might find yourself wondering if your child is an old soul in disguise, with the way they obsess over a cozy night in with a fuzzy blanket, a crackling fire, and some fresh baked cookies.

And if that doesn’t sound like their dream come true, maybe this sounds familiar: your little Taurus digging in the dirt, giving all the worms names, and telling you which flowers are their favorite by color, scent, and name.

Your Taurus child approaches the world through their senses: taking in visual beauty, yummy tastes, and comforting textiles. Because their view of the world is so expansive, it makes sense that even their own backyard feels like a magical place. With a Taurus child, you’ll never have to stray far from home to make wonderful memories.

When Taurus natives work, they work hard. They do it with a steadiness that may rarely be considered quick--rather it's a dependable, plodding, and steady effort that has its payoffs. Security is immensely important to Taurus--some of them actively seek wealth, while others are content to be "comfortable." The Taurus definition of "comfortable" may not be exactly the same as the rest of the signs, but comfort is definitely a driving force.

How to Guide Your Taurus Child

It makes sense that an Earth sign like Taurus would be no stranger to that little green monster called jealousy. Think of your Taurus child as a collector: of things, people, and even memories. For a Taurus, it really stings when a friend pays more attention to the new kid, or the next-door neighbor gets that shiny red bike before they do. That’s because it unsettles that solid understanding they have of the world to accept change and relinquish control.

As your little one grows, remind her that life is not a competition, and there’s no prize for living it the “right way.” The perfect partner, home, and career will come to her in time. All your Taurus baby really wants, no matter how old they are, is to feel at ease. Surrounding themselves with the right things is how they aim to accomplish this. How can you help your Taurus child? Make it clear that you are a safe haven they can always come home to, no matter what.

Are you an Taurus, Mom?

Hello, Mother Earth! As a mom, you’re the equivalent of a comforting hug given by Superwoman. You manage your family like nobody’s business and can always be counted on to show up with orange slices at the soccer game.

For every rule you stand by, there’s a wild side to you that injects fun into the everyday. Maybe you won’t bat an eye at cake for breakfast but making the bed every morning is nonnegotiable. You have a great understanding of the balance needed between work and play, and that shapes your parenting style. For example, you’re always there for your children, but you’re quick to point out that you’re their mom, not their friend. Your kiddos look to you to understand how to set boundaries and not get overwhelmed: both skills make you an awesome mom!

And of course, Taurus moms, you are the queens of me time. As amazing as you are at budgeting and running your household, you always leave some time and cash to kick back and relax. You know more than anyone that taking time off can be just the reset you need to jump back in the game stronger than ever.

One thing to keep in mind, mama, as you’re painting the beautiful picture that is your family, is you can lead your kids on the right path, but you can’t decide their future for them. Mother may know best, but it’s up to your children to make their own mistakes. Lucky for them, they know you will always be there when they need you most.

Baby Zodiac Series

There are 12 signs that make up the Zodiac calendar. Your child will have a full, unique birth chart based on the date, time of day, and location of their birth, but we’re focusing on the sun signs, which is the sign most people associate with the Zodiac.

Sun signs are representative of how you view yourself in relation to the world. They define your individual liveliness and are also associated with your creative and social energies. In comparison, the other two signs in your ‘Big 3’ are your rising and moon signs. Rising signs reveal how others might perceive your actions and persona, among other things. And moon signs relate to your emotions and how you self-reflect.