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What To Know About Your Pisces Baby

What To Know About Your Pisces Baby

Let’s talk about what makes a Pisces in Sun so intuitive, whimsical, and wise!
Pisces Sun Fast Facts
Your baby is an Pisces Sun if they were born between February 19th and March 20th.

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac calendar!

  • The Pisces sign is represented by fish.
    • More specifically, two fish. They are pictured swimming in opposite directions, much like the push and pull a Pisces feels between their dreams and reality.
  • Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and they are a Water sign.
    • There’s a cliché that water signs are the biggest criers, but they experience all emotions deeply, including joy! They are also sensitive to how others are feeling.
  • Pisces is a mutable sign.
    • There are three modalities of the Zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each modality is home to one of each type of elemental sign. Pisces is the Water sign in the mutable state.
    • Pisces mutable state means they are resilient, quick to adapt, and go with the flow. They’re talented at getting others to open emotionally and move forward.
      Your Pisces Baby’s Personality

      Cuddle up with your sweet little Pisces, the most sensitive baby you’ll ever meet. Even from a young age, his heart is full of compassion for others, and he’s always tuned into the emotions of those he cares about.

      As your Pisces child grows, you’ll see their tendency to be in awe of the world can set them daydreaming (even during class!). He’s all ears for new ideas and might get wrapped up in new hobbies or friends, leaving behind the latest obsession. Your little one is so intent on giving everything a try in their pursuit of happiness, and this outlook is genuine.

      Pisces is known as an emotional sign, and this stems from their deep connection to humanity. Pisces craves understanding, and they’ll look to you to figure out how to be in touch with your emotions without getting buried in them.

      The Pisces Child

      You’re one lucky mama to have a little Pisces in your life. This sign is known for their wonderful, eager desire to understand and connect with others. They are always on the lookout for friends, and they are exceptionally creative.

      Ask a Pisces child what they want to be when they grow up, and the answer might surprise you. While some little kids might dream of opening toy stores or being a princess, your Pisces has different ambitions. Pisces tend to align their goals with states of emotional being. Translation: they want to be happy, and they want to help others be their best selves, too.

      As a toddler, that might mean offering you the first bite of their ice cream sundae. They’ll have an easier time sharing, but they’ll also get more upset if they see a friend or sibling crying. Watching a movie with your little Pisces? Break out the tissues! When the main character is in tears, they’ll feel moved on a level you didn’t think possible for a four-year-old.

      Pisces are dreamers, they move through life with purpose, and they have a gift for making connections along the way. While from the outside, you may struggle to understand your child’s motives, they’re anything but directionless. Just because their path is nontraditional, doesn’t mean they aren’t sure of it.

      For your Pisces baby, paint murals on their ceiling. Sing songs with emotion, read books that make you feel big things, and play pretend to explore the depths of their understanding. Enjoy their ability to create and understand things beyond themselves. Your Pisces’ passion for the world is contagious – give in!

      Pisces: The Wide-Eyed Water Sign

      Your dreamy little Pisces is watching you with wide eyes for a good reason. They’re trying to read your mind!

      Pisces have a strong ability to communicate on an emotional level. With your young Pisces, prepare to answer the Big Questions early on, about why people feel sad, get hurt, or do mean things. Pisces have a unique way of finding common ground with all sorts of people, so they’re able to understand the motives and logic of others. When they don’t understand why Billy is pushing kids on the playground, they’ll feel that pain from all angles: pain on behalf of the kids Billy pushes, frustration from not knowing why Billy would hurt them, and finally, sadness when they are able to connect Billy’s insecurities or suffering with his actions.

      Your Pisces has a big heart that they might need help protecting. Learning how to say “no,” face tough situations head-on, and avoiding self-pity are a few life lessons your child will appreciate your support in. Encourage your creative, emotional kid to use the arts as an outlet. Whether they’re crafting with papier-mâché, writing poems, or singing their heart out in the shower, this is the key to balancing their heart and mind.

      How to Guide Your Pisces Child

      A Pisces child has a great understanding of responsibility – that is, they feel responsible for others. Sometimes they lack that same discipline for themselves. They’re so concerned with making a get well soon card for a friend, or helping their little brother, that homework can be forgotten.

      Things like running errands, practicing an instrument or sport, and doing chores on their own can feel like a drag for Pisces. Here’s a tip: connect these every day, necessary activities with what motivates your Pisces. Run errands with Mommy because…you’re my helper and I need you to push the cart! Practice your ballet routine to make your teacher proud, or so you can teach your little sister the dance, too. Let’s do our chores together because we’re a team, and a team takes care of each other.

      The emotion-driven perspective of a Pisces can seem like the total opposite of all things practical. But there are plenty of successful Pisces – particularly artists! Showing your little one how to use their caring nature to motivate them in all things (including schoolwork) will set them on a path for happiness. Which, to a Pisces, is the greatest reward of all.

      Are you an Pisces, Mom?

      The emotional intelligence of a Pisces mother is truly a gift for her children. You have a knack for knowing what’s wrong and can gently push your kids in the right direction.

      Your big heart knows no bounds when it comes to providing for your family. The telltale imaginative nature of a Pisces shines through in the plans you make. You have a way of turning an ordinary trip to the park into something adventurous.

      Following your own path has never steered you wrong, but you may want to dial back that free spirit just a notch when it comes to setting boundaries for your kids. It might feel stifling to give in to the typical structure of the weekday. Find a way to steal moments of unexpected joy while maintaining a consistent schedule for your family. Pancakes for dinner, anyone?

      Like every mother, your children’s triumphs and losses will feel like your own, sometimes painfully so. Knowing what the world has in store for your little ones can be anxiety-inducing. Allow yourself to feel scared or sad, but don’t let that fear affect your parenting. Breathe deeply and know that, with you as a mother, your children will never feel alone.

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