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The Best Baby Shower Ideas

While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of a baby shower, the tradition of throwing a party for expecting moms has been in our collective history for decades. Some attribute this custom of showering a mama-to-be with gifts to the end of World War II and the start of the Baby Boom generation. But whatever the real history is behind baby showers, they have become a mainstay in our culture. There many different ways to celebrate the expecting parents and the whole idea of a baby shower is to honor the style and preferences of the guests of honor. Here is everything you need to know about throwing a baby shower–or attending one.  

When is the ideal time to have a baby shower?

The question of the best time for a baby shower depends a lot on the expecting parents schedule and how much time they feel comfortable allowing in between the party and the big day. The timing is typically to have the baby shower at some point in the early third trimester. This will allow for enough time for the expecting parents–or parent–to create a baby gift registry and figure out what they want. Some parents prefer to wait to have their baby shower until after the baby is born–there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning a baby shower. 

Who can host a baby shower?

There are no rules when it comes to deciding who gets to host the baby shower. It could be hosted by one special person or a group of family and friends. That’s the fun part about a baby shower! 

Baby shower gift ideas

The first step is to make sure that the expecting parents want to receive gifts during the baby shower. In some cultures, it is a sign of bad luck to receive gifts before the baby is born. However, to others, receiving gifts at a baby shower is expected. Once you determine if gift-giving at the baby shower is appropriate, the next step is to find out if the parents have put together a baby registry. If they have, then you may want to play it safe and stick to giving a gift from the registry. Alternatively, you can find something personalized on Etsy.

Other fun alternative baby shower gift ideas include:

  • Gift certificate at the parents-to-be’s local favorite restaurant. This will come in handy once the baby is born and they need a date night.
  • A give a gift card at the mom-to-be’s favorite spa or nail salon. 
  • A homemade book compiled of all your favorite nursery rhymes
  • A gift certificate from you saying you will come cook dinner for the new parents one night.

The top baby shower trends and themes

Planning a baby shower takes a lot of work! Whether you’re the host or the guest of honor, having a theme helps pull the party together and gives you ideas on decor, food and favors. Here are our favorite baby shower themes and trends:

  • Safari baby shower theme
  • Celestial baby shower theme
  • Fashionista baby shower theme
  • Vintage baby shower theme
  • Rocker chic baby shower theme
  • Childhood nostalgia baby shower theme
  • High tea baby shower theme

You can go as extravagant or as low-key as you want with the theme. 

Alternative baby shower Ideas 

Your baby shower does not have to be a one-size-fits-all affair. There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of your newest family member that are either out of the box or riffs on the traditional baby shower. Here are some alternative baby shower ideas:

  • A baby sprinkle: This type of party is typically a pared down version of a baby shower for parents who already have a child–or two. A baby sprinkle is more about celebrating the newest baby without a focus on gift giving, since the parents likely already have most of their baby essentials
  • A diaper party: The idea behind this party is to shower the new parents with, you guessed it, diapers! You can’t go wrong with an endless supply of diapers, because if there’s one thing new parents need that first year–it’s diapers!
  • A freezer party: We love the sentiment behind this type of baby shower party.  The guests make dinners ahead of time for the new parents to put in their freezers to heat up on those countless nights they can’t even think about cooking. 
  • Baby BBQ: Round up men and women for a co-ed baby shower that involves lots of smoked meat. Count us in! 

Baby shower etiquette 

Baby showers are meant to be fun and joyous, however there are some unwritten rules to follow. If you stick to these tips for baby shower etiquette, you will be fine:

  • Don’t ask the parents-to-be about their birth plan or if they believe babies should just cry it out.  Keep things light and don’t pry into their parenting intentions.
  • Ask before you bring your own kids to the party. It’s always important to find out ahead of time if the baby shower is kid-friendly.
  • Even if this is the parent-to-be’s second or third child, be just as supportive and excited as if it were their first child.
  • Keep it easy on the booze, mocktails are typically the preferred choice of beverage at a baby shower. Be respectful of the mom-to-be and limit yourself to one cocktail.