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Welcome to Motherhood

The Motherhood blog is an essential resource for expectant and new mothers, offering advice on maternity wear, nursing essentials, and pregnancy fitness. We provide practical tips for dressing comfortably and stylishly during pregnancy, selecting the proper maternity and nursing attire, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Lauren Eckstrom meditates with her head bend and hands together at heart center.

Different Types of Meditation and What Mindfulness Really Means

Lauren Eckstrom gives advice on different types of meditation and shares her wisdom on the sameness of meditation and mindfulness in practice.

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How Meditation Shapes your Physical & Mental Health

How Meditation Shapes your Physical & Mental Health

Lauren Eckstrom takes us through the more practical side of meditation: how it changes you, your body, and even your emotional regulation. The impact of mindfulness extends far beyond a deep breath!

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Lauren Eckstrom relaxes in a seated meditation position with her toddler-aged daughter on her lap.

Meditation for a More Mindful Parenting Style

Meditation and motherhood. It’s all about parenting, presence, and peace of mind.

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Lauren Eckstrom sits with her right hand in a gyan mudra, her left hand on her heart, and her eyes closed.

How Mindfulness Can Help the Birthing Process

With Lauren Eckstrom, we take a look at what it means to start a journey towards mindfulness during pregnancy. She reflects upon her own pregnancy and birth experience, and shares meditation advice...

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Lauren Eckstrom meditates with eyes closed in a seated position on a mat.

Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Meditation during Pregnancy & Beyond

Lauren Eckstrom gives us the 411 of mindful meditation. Whether you’re looking for beginner tips or to discover what kinds of meditation might be best for you, Lauren reveals it all.  

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Lauren Eckstrom meditates with one hand on her heart and the other resting on her diaphragm.

Fundamental Healing: How Yoga & Meditation Can Help You on Your Healing Journey

Lauren Eckstrom takes us through her personal journey with yoga and meditation and shares how to get started with some of her favorite programs on Inner Dimension TV.

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