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Plus Size Nursing Clothes: The Ultimate Guide

Plus Size Nursing Clothes: The Ultimate Guide

Embracing motherhood in all its glory also means acknowledging the changes our bodies undergo. For plus-size nursing mothers, the postpartum phase is a delicate balance between catering to a newborn and finding comfortable clothes that fit well. The beauty of motherhood should be celebrated without the stress of ill-fitting attire.

That's where plus-size nursing clothes come into play. They aren't just larger versions of regular nursing clothes; they're tailored to celebrate fuller figures while ensuring functionality. This guide shines a light on the wonderful world of plus-size nursing wear, helping you find the perfect fit, style, and comfort during this beautiful journey.

Why Are Well-Fitting Nursing Clothes Important?

The transition into motherhood is accompanied by numerous physical and emotional challenges. Among them is the quest to find nursing clothes that fit just right, especially for plus-size mothers. But why is the right fit so crucial?

Health Benefits

A proper fit can help prevent skin irritations caused by tight fabrics rubbing against sensitive skin. It's also key to maintaining breast health, as clothes that are too tight can lead to blocked milk ducts and other complications.

Psychological Benefits

Clothing that fits well boosts self-confidence. When a nursing mother feels good about what she wears, it positively impacts her mental well-being.

It eliminates the added stress of adjusting ill-fitting clothes, letting her focus solely on her baby. Additionally, embracing your postpartum body with clothes that fit and flatter your figure can encourage body positivity, which is vital during this transformative phase.

In essence, the right-fitting nursing attire isn't just about aesthetics; it's about health, comfort, and embracing yourself. Plus-size mothers deserve clothes that celebrate their bodies while ensuring the utmost comfort and practicality.

Key Features To Look for in Plus Size Nursing Clothes


When scouring the market for plus-size nursing wear, certain features can make the experience much more comfortable and convenient.

These include:

  • Adaptability: A new mother's body can undergo several changes in a short period. Clothing that's adaptable, like with adjustable straps or elasticated panels, ensures a comfortable fit over time.
  • Breathable fabrics: Materials like cotton, bamboo, and modal not only feel soft against the skin but also allow it to breathe, minimizing sweat and discomfort, especially in the early postpartum months.
  • Easy access: This is paramount for nursing mothers. Features like zippers, button-down fronts, and side flaps can make breastfeeding on the go or during nighttime easier.

Top Styles in Plus Size Nursing Clothes

Embracing motherhood doesn't mean you have to give up on style, especially with the fabulous range of plus-size nursing options available today. The beauty of modern-day maternity and nursing wear is how it perfectly marries comfort with chic.

Let’s dive into some styles that are not only trendy but also cater to the unique requirements of nursing mothers.

Nursing Tanks and Camis

These are more than just basic wear — they're lifesavers for every nursing mom. Our Clip Down Nursing Cami is an example of combining ease with elegance. Its soft fabric ensures comfort, while the clip-down feature facilitates hassle-free nursing sessions. This is perfect for layering or just lounging around at home.

Long Sleeve Nursing Tee

For those cooler days or a casual evening out, this cozy long-sleeve nursing tee, with its unique tulip hem, offers a touch of sophistication. Its discreet nursing access ensures you stay stylish without compromising on functionality.

Wrap Dresses

A timeless piece in a woman’s wardrobe, the wrap dress complements plus-size figures beautifully. It’s the crossover design that’s the star, providing easy access for breastfeeding. For nighttime or relaxed home sessions, our Wrap Maternity and Nursing Sleep Bra is a cozy companion, ensuring comfort and effortless nursing.

Nursing Hoodies and Sweaters

Ideal for those chilly months, nursing hoodies and sweaters can be both fashionable and functional. They keep you warm, and with discrete panels or zippers, nursing becomes a breeze.

Maxi Dresses

These dresses provide roominess and style, perfect for postpartum bodies. They flow gracefully without clinging, making you feel confident and comfortable.

Maternity Leggings

Pair them with any top or tee, and you're ready to go! Our Essential Stretch Leggings not only offer a comfortable fit but also provide support with the Secret Fit Belly feature.

Maternity Shaper

After childbirth, our Secret Fit Maternity Shaper offers gentle support, helping you feel more secure and confident in your outfits.

When it comes to plus-size nursing fashion, it's all about finding the right balance between style, comfort, and convenience. And with pieces like these in your wardrobe, you’re set for a chic nursing journey.

Tips and Advice for Plus Size Nursing Wear


As you venture into the world of plus-size nursing wear, it's always a boon to have some pointers up your sleeve:

  • Prioritize your comfort: Always listen to your body. If something feels too tight or uncomfortable, it probably isn't the right fit. Your body is your best guide.
  • Invest in a few staples: While variety is the spice of life, there are some essentials like our Basic Layering Maternity Leggings or Clip Down Nursing Bra that you'll find yourself reaching for time and again.
  • Care instructions matter: The longevity of your clothes, especially nursing ones, depends on how you care for them. Always check care labels, and if in doubt, opt for a gentle wash.
  • Layering is your friend: With unpredictable postpartum body temperatures and the need for easy nursing access, layering can be a lifesaver. Layer a nursing tank under a cardigan or a scarf to ensure both style and function.
  • Stay true to yourself: While motherhood might come with changes, your personal style doesn't have to. With chic pieces like our Pietro Brunelli Papaver Milky Nursing Dress, you can remain true to your fashion sense and still cater to your nursing needs.

Wrapping Things Up

Embracing the challenges and joys of motherhood while looking and feeling your best is a dance we at Motherhood know all too well. Our range of plus-size nursing wear is designed with the modern mom in mind — celebrating your beautiful curves while ensuring seamless functionality. We’re here to ensure that this exciting chapter of your life is filled with fashion, confidence, and utmost comfort.

As always, remember that motherhood isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. It’s as unique as you are. And our goal? To be right beside you every step of the way, ensuring you look and feel fabulous.


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