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Life & Color: Meet Nany

Life & Color: Meet Nany

An interview with MH Editor, Callan

MEET NANY – Nany is a mother and Latina content creator (@nany) based in Miami, FL. She is currently a mom to two-year-old Nico, and she and her husband, Gabe, are expecting their second baby boy in July. Originally from Venezuela, Nany shared with us how Miami became home.

Tell us about living in Miami!
I am originally from Venezuela. I moved to Miami to go to college right before turning 18, this was in 2006, so almost 15 years ago! It’s crazy how time flies! I met the love of my life during the first semester in college. We dated for 7 years before getting married and he also works with me on my blog and all my content. We had our son, Nico, in May 2018 and we are currently expecting our second son. He is Puerto Rican, I am Venezuelanwe thought about moving somewhere else several times, but Miami kept giving us signs to stayand we love the city!

What do you love about it?
I love that it feels like home. We speak Spanish around Miami like you wouldn’t in any other city in the U.S. I can find my Venezuelan and any Hispanic food at the supermarket. I love the culture, the people, the warm weather, and living so close to the beach.

And I love that my children will still have the Hispanic culture around them. My in-laws live here, my parents are just a short flight away, and I have many childhood friends here too. It really is the closest thing to home, and I love that we are making it our own.

How would you describe the “local color” of Miami?
There are two vibes when I think of “local color.” First, I think of the classic and timeless feel of Ocean Drive with its pastel Art Deco buildings. I think of mint and baby pink that just match the beautiful ocean and the blue sky. Then I think of the new developing areas, like Wynwood. Wynwood really changed the core of the city with its unique, vibrant, and colorful murals, delicious restaurants, cool art galleries and local stores.

What are some of your favorite spots in the city?
I love the parks by the ocean, especially doing picnics in the parks and seeing my almost 3-year-old run around. When it’s time to go to the beach, I prefer how quiet the beaches are around North Miami Beach. They are also more family oriented. And the museums in Bayfront Park are greatthe Science and Art Museum, we can’t wait to go back soon.

What are you inspired by?
Everything around me. It can be a gorgeous Miami sunset, the cool outfit a girl is wearing in Wynwood, friends and family….and of course, social media.

What’s your favorite color?
Since I was little, I would go for purple – and now I absolutely love lavender and pastels. We just painted our living room mint and it looks so good with the pink accents we have.

What are your favorite colors to wear?
I feel very confident in red, but I can’t resist a good floral print!

What are you most grateful for in this moment?
Everything: my health and my family’s health. I feel very grateful about this pregnancy and giving my son a little brother.

Is your son excited to be a big brother?
We really hope so! I don’t think he understands that the baby will stay but he asks a lot about the baby and wants to try everything we get for the baby, so we have an official baby tester.

Do you have a named picked out for the baby?
We have a favorite name, and we are about 99% sure that it is it – BUT if we see him and we change our minds, that’s okay too! Our son actually picked the name, we gave him several options and that was his favorite.

How has your pregnancy been?
It has been very different from my first pregnancy. I’m more tired as I obviously can’t rest as much with a toddler running around 24/7. We also had a little scare halfway, but that just made me feel more grateful of this pregnancy. I’m also embracing the pregnancy more as I’m almost certain this is it baby-wise!

What is the BEST thing about being a mom right now?
Every baby stage has its perks and its challenges, but right now the best thing is seeing his personality develop. I love how he expresses himself and how he is talking SO MUCH.

And what is the MOST CHALLENGING thing?
At the moment, some toddler tantrums are definitely challenging. I just try to listen to him and understand that there are so many big emotions in such a little body. And of course, the pregnancy makes it a bit challenging just because I wish I had more energy to keep up with him!

Did you have any concerns about having a “quarantine baby”?
In our “timeline” we wanted to start trying for a baby right when the pandemic started. Because of the uncertainty, we decided to wait and see. As things “normalized,” or more like I understood the changes that were happening in healthcare, we went for it. It is definitely a nerve-racking time and we are all doing the best we can.

Have you found it challenging being pregnant right now?
At the moment, it’s all the appointments by myself and feeling a bit lonely in every visit. It was especially hard when we had a scare, and I was there alone just hoping for good news and thinking about all the women who don’t get to hear good news.

How do you juggle motherhood, your brand, and having a life? Especially during COVID!
Co-parenting and accepting help – that’s the only way! My husband and I “help” each other to make sure we are both meeting all the requirements. My mom was stuck in Miami for the first 9 months of the pandemic as airports in Venezuela were basically closed, so she really helped us with Nico and my in-laws live a few blocks away.

Tell us about your lifestyle brand:
I have a lifestyle blog, with a fashion focus, called and you can find me as @nany on IG.

How did you get started?
I started in 2009, way before blogging was considered a career and the term influencer was years away from existing. I started during my last year of college because I wanted to have an “online portfolio” as I was applying to jobs and internships. I started writing only in English, but I expanded to Spanish because it really made sense as I was, and still am, living in a bilingual community. I wanted to talk about fashion and beauty from a friend perspective and not like an expert.

What type of content do you focus on?
I started by doing only fashion. I slowly transitioned to beauty and travel. Then, after my first pregnancy, I added motherhood. My blog has evolved and has grown with me, as I’m not the same person I was in 2009 and my audience has also grown with me.

Styling advice for moms-to-be?
To have fun with the bump! You can be super comfortable, look super cute, and rock your belly! Invest in pieces that you can wear the whole pregnancy and even after baby!

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