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While meeting mamas across the US on our #MHROADTRIP, we’re giving back to their communities! Help us support mamas and babies by getting involved in charities like Moms for Moms, or by purchasing our Mamma Charity Tee.  $2 per tee is donated to these nonprofit organizations benefiting mothers & babies in need – we like to call it a “chari-tee.”


Collette, our newest Life & Color mama-to-be, chose to partner with Moms for Moms, a New York City-based charity that helps single mothers in need.

Mission Statement:

Moms for Moms provides single mothers, living in abusive, homeless and low-income situations, with two care packages that include all of the critical supplies women need most after the birth of a child: a baby bundle for their child and a postpartum recovery care kit for themselves.

These care packages are designed to alleviate the stress and financial burden that becoming a mother can bring while also helping to begin one’s journey into motherhood with pride and dignity.

How do you assist mothers & children?

Moms for Moms understands that entering motherhood is one of the most vulnerable moments of a woman's life. Becoming a single mother, especially one experiencing homelessness or having recently fled domestic violence is not only vulnerable in the transition to motherhood, but is incredibly stressful as she navigates caring for herself and her new baby.

We believe all mothers deserve to be honored and supported during their postpartum experience.

We at Moms for Moms assemble and distribute Postpartum Recovery Care Kits and Newborn Baby Bundles to single mothers in need through our partner agencies (homeless shelters, crisis centers, domestic violence shelters) and through our monthly distribution to mothers directly.

Stats & Facts:

Here are some stats on single mothers in America that I think are really powerful:
  •  There are over 1.6 million single mothers in NYC
  •  1 in 4 children in the US under the age of 18 - approximately 17.4 million - are being raised by single mothers
  • Nearly half (45%) of all single mothers are living below the poverty line

Recent Milestones:

We grew by 185% this year and opened a new office space at Industry City in Brooklyn. This growth and office expansion has led to our ability to hold more inventory, have in-house assemblies and distributions, and welcome more volunteer opportunities to Moms for Moms supporters.

The Impact:

We distribute our care packages directly to mothers themselves and through our partner agencies. We receive so much feedback about how helpful, needed and meaningful these bags are. The majority of the mothers we serve often arrive at shelters with no personal belongings/nothing for their unborn or recently born baby. We receive testimonials all the time and I’d be happy to share them with you. Here’s a recent one from a recipient:

“Thank you so much for your donations for my baby girl. This has been a stressful time for me from being homeless and losing my job. I didn’t know what I was going to do to get stuff for my baby. I really am grateful Moms for Moms was able to help me. Thank you!”
~  Moms for Moms recipient

Goals for the year ahead:

Heading into 2022, our biggest goal is to increase the amount of care packages we are able to assemble and distribute. We are just scratching the surface of the need in NYC and through increased attention, awareness, and partnership opportunities, we are hoping to meet the ever-growing need.

Get involved:

Join us for an assembly packing event, volunteer in our office prepping for an assembly event, host a drive in honor of us, share our info on social media, or join our team. We are made up of 100% volunteers!

How to donate:

Donate goods – we have a list of items we accept on our website and also an Amazon Wishlist. Donate $ - on our website you can donate by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. You can also ask your employer to provide donor matching.

100% of the donations we receive go directly into the assembly of our Postpartum Recovery Kits and Newborn Baby Bundles. $100 will provide a complete Newborn Baby Bundle and $75 will create a complete Postpartum Recovery Care Kit.

Donate, learn more, or volunteer by visiting

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