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Editor: Callan

You know that moment when you first get a positive pregnancy test? Just sitting on a toilet with waves of anticipation, excitement, fear (…and well, pee) flowing through you, as you wait to see if your life is about to change? Maybe it starts with re-reading the directions 1,000 times to make sure you pee on a stick the right way, and then of course, there’s the waiting after. Staring at the stick and the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, stick clock, stick clock – your phone might not make the noise, but you can feel it in your bones and your ears. Your breath and your hands get a little heavier, your muscles a little tighter.

And you wait.

(And maybe you’ve been in this waiting room before. You’re back again for the seventh, fourteenth, twentieth time – maybe longer. Maybe you’re too scared to feel excited, maybe your well of hope has dried up a little, maybe it’s dread that you’re feeling at seeing yet another single line.)

But then suddenly, there they are.

Your baby. Introducing themselves in the form of two pink lines, a plus sign, or “pregnant.”

And then you look up into the mirror and there you are.

A mom.

And your life just changed.

Are you ready for this?

It feels like there’s so many things to do, but also really nothing to do. But again, wait. Wait for that first doctor’s visit, that first ultrasound, that first moment you get to share the news. With all the waiting, it’s no wonder women have come up with a thousand ways to tell someone they’re pregnant.

Especially because you have to keep telling people. You tell your partner, your parents, your kids, your co-workers and maybe share it on Instagram. You can go with a straightforward, “By the way, I’m pregnant.” But where’s the fun in that?

When I was expecting, I decided to let the news out at work with a pregnancy announcement tee. This seemed like a better option than awkwardly blurting out “I’m pregnant!” during a meeting. I pulled on my “we’re adding a pumpkin to our patch” tee-shirt and strode into the office, ready for people to notice. But asking someone if they’re pregnant is NOT something you want to be wrong about, so I got a lot of points and “Uhhhs?” To which I responded with a “Yup! I’m pregnant!”

Later that night at dinner with my husband’s family, we got straight to the point. My husband said we had an announcement, and I whipped open my denim jacket to gasps and applauds. And just like that, their life was changed, too.

And it’s all these early moments that we want to celebrate this year. The wonder, magic, joy and world of possibilities that pregnancy brings. Because it really is the Best Gift Ever.

So, we teamed up with our friends at KR Squared Productions (who also created our You Do You, Mama breastfeeding anthem - read more here) to help us capture these moments, to celebrate all the emotions of finding out you’re pregnant, all the excitement of sharing the news.

We hope you love it as much as we do: watch it here.

Happy Holidays from the Motherhood Team